Sean McGoey
Director and Owner
Sean has a background in theater / theater special effects and acting. He has been a character at the New York Ren Fair and Fire Manipulator since 2002 and Sphereplay since 2003. He is also a stilt walker and is a teacher of the art of Sphereplay. His creative style is a great addition to any event. He has entertained for the Honesdale Roots and Rhythm Music & Arts Festival, Port Jervis Arts Walk, Sullivan Chamber mixer, Pike County Historical Society, Holmes Dale with an artand Haunted Attractions like Forest Of Fear in Tuxedo, New York to name a few.


Antonietta McGoey
Assistant Director/Coordinater

Antonietta has a background in House Managing Theaters in New York City, Education at one of the most Famous Dramatic arts high schools In the country, also credited with Cordinator the Market place at A Renaissance festival in upstate New York.



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