A Service Of Quality Entertainment

We provide a talented assortment of skills that would be any asset to your event. See some examples below.

Corporate Events
Here is one example, Performing a Fire Show for a Renaissance Style Business Mixer

Learning something new everyday is a great joy for this class.They are learning about safety and the entertainment business.

As seen here Teaching the Art Of Sphereplay at a Tai Chi Event at a traditional Tai Chi Farm


Private Events
Children being amazed as they look
on at this birthday party.

Public Events
Entertaining the Masses at an Arts Walk. It is always a good time to walk about a fair interacting with the people and entertaining.

Parade Events
Everyone loves a parade and this one is no exception. This is us at Fort Tryon Park's Medieval Festival, New York City.
Specialty Events
Ever year hundreds of thousands of people visit this little burgh called Sterling Forest at The New York Renaissance Faire. This is Sean the Faun, resident to those mystical woods.
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